What Are Healthy Cholesterol Levels Your Body Needs

A great deal of fuss is made about having normal cholesterol levels , but few people understand what normal levels of cholesterol really are. For that matter, most people don’t understand the differences between the three different types of cholesterol found in your blood.

High-density lipids, or HDL, are the “good” cholesterol, helping keep your blood stream cleansed of plaques. Low-density lipids, or LDLs, are the “bad” cholesterol, clogging your arteries with fats and eventually leading to heart disease and hardening of the arteries, among other things. Triglycerides are the third type, and are also bad for you.

If you look at your overall cholesterol level without breaking it down, you’re not getting the whole picture. Normal blood cholesterol levels for two people can be identical, yet one can be in the healthy range and the other in the unhealthy range. That’s because of the way HDLs and LDLs interact.

High overall cholesterol with high relative LDLs indicate a problem, but the same cholesterol number with high HDLs can indicate a very healthy person. That’s why a cholesterol test looks for all three.

Your initial cholesterol test looks only for an overall number to get an idea of where you are. Normal levels of cholesterol for a healthy person fall below 200 overall. If your cholesterol level is above this, you need further tests to break down the different types of cholesterol.

LDL Cholesterol Level

A healthy cholesterol levels for LDLs should fall below 100 mg/dl, but can be as high as about 130 mg/dl. When your normal levels of cholesterol are higher than this, you are considered at high risk, and your doctor will work with you to change your cholesterol level with diet and exercise prior to initiating cholesterol medications.

You should try to keep your normal LDL cholesterol level somewhere in the 90s for the best health.

Healthy HDL Level

Part of the key to balancing those LDLs is a healthy level for HDLs. The normal levels of cholesterol of this type should fall at about 40 mg/dl for men, 50 mg/dl for women. Higher is always better for these cholesterol levels.

Normal range is fine for those who have easily-controlled cholesterol, but if you have cholesterol that runs high or if you have diabetes, you should get those HDLs as high as you can while minimizing your LDL intake.

So What Is The Normal Range For Triglycerides Level

The last cholesterol factor you need to investigate is the triglycerides. Normal levels of cholesterol of the Triglyceride type should fall below 150 mg/dl. Chances are, your triglyceride level falls above that, maybe even well above that. Join the crowd. Sedentary, overweight people who eat foods that are too high in fat are almost certain to have high triglycerides. Decreasing your triglyceride level is key to balancing the other types of cholesterol, and it can make you much less prone to metabolic disorders like diabetes as well.

To maintain normal cholesterol levels, talk to your doctor about diet, exercise for at least a half hour on more than half of the week, and stop smoking. Your doctor may also give you a normal cholesterol level chart to help you visualize where you fall, and help you determine your goals in controlling your cholesterol.

How to have a healthy cholesterol level?

One of the most coveted things nowadays on the planet is a healthy cholesterol level! With more and more people falling prey to heart diseases every day, people are finally becoming more and more conscious about their cholesterol levels and are looking for ways in which they can reduce it. The lifestyle that we are used to nowadays in an urban set up does not allow us much time for leisure. This means that we have less and less time to look after ourselves. However, we must try our best to ensure that we lead a healthy life that will protect us from deadly heart diseases that claim millions of lives each year.

Eat Healthy: A healthy diet is a must for anyone who wants to avoid deadly diseases in later life. Do not live on junk food as it is extremely harmful. Even if you do not get time out for proper meals, get packed lunch from home that is healthy and tasty and the same time. Go for fiber rich sandwiches with lettuce, meat, tomatoes and filling. Keep a check on the amount of carbohydrates that you consume. Those who are into a lot of exercise are the ones who need to have a lot of carbohydrates. But if you are not into a lot of exercise, it is best to keep a check on the amount of carbohydrates that you consume because it gets converted to fat and then, finally, cholesterol.

Stay Healthy With Exercise: a great way to control your cholesterol levels is to exercise regularly. Proper exercise helps you make your heart muscles strong. This, in turn, enables better blood circulation and decreases the risks of a heart attack. In fact, if you are suffering from high cholesterol problems, exercise can help you reduce your cholesterol levels. And even for those who have not faced any problems with cholesterol till now, exercise is a great way to ensure that you do not suffer from the problems in later years.

Give up Smoking: High cholesterol levels mean that the arteries are blocked with plague. What smoke does is that it clogs the arteries further. Thus, it assists cholesterol in blocking your arteries and causing heart attacks or strokes. We all know that blockage of arteries can even be fatal, so why not give up on smoking?

Let Go Of Stress: Stress is another factor that can lead to an increase in your cholesterol levels. Try to remain free from tension and in case of stressful situations, resort to meditation.

If you take care of the things mentioned above, you will be able to decrease your cholesterol levels if they are already on a high. If not, you can follow the things mentioned above in order to prevent a high cholesterol situation that poses serious threats to your health.