Choleslo – Affordable All-In-One Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement

The high cholesterol issue can be addressed through various means, from synthetic medications to diet, exercises and natural cures. Concerning the latter, there have been many producers to claim that they found the right recipe to lower cholesterol levels, CholesLo being one of them.

Choleslo Bottle

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The Benefits You Will Get When You Buy Choleslo

    • Helps lowering your LDL or bad cholesterol level
    • Raise and promote the level of HDL which also known as good cholesterol
    • Reduce your Triglycerides and homocysteine
  • Cleanses the liver and reduce inflammation

Marketed as “a heart health supplement”, this is made of organic herbs that were researched by the scientific community for their healing properties. This product has been used around the world for years already and will boost all your other efforts of cholesterol reduction.

Choleslo Ingredients

In each capsule you get a potent mix of substances that act as overall i.e all in one solution.

Red yeast rice,  Artichoke Leaf Extract, Garlic, Policosanal (from Sugar Cane – Saccharum species) are among components use as Lipid Optimizing System, in other words to optimize the level of total Cholesterol, HDL/LDL & Triglycerides in your body.

For liver cleansing, the formula to form these includes Milk Thistle (80% Extract) and NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine).

To reduce inflammation, Turmeric (95% curcuminoids Extract) and Mixed Tocotrienols (90% Delta &10% Gamma Tocotrienols) are include and not to forget the Insulin/Blood-Sugar Regulator form from R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid. Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folate and Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) are also added Homocysteine reducing agents.

What CholesLo Is Use For

Primarily, it  can be used when having too high cholesterol levels as shown by tests that need to be lowered. It is useful when your personal choices do not yield the desired results, meaning when your genetics and own hormones stand in the way of enjoying great health.

Constant use for the suggested period of time can optimize the HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio, as well as the Triglyceride levels and the Homocysteine levels.

This natural lowering cholesterol supplement should be used only by those whose blood tests indicate high and unhealthy cholesterol levels. It powers up your healthy lifestyle, so the results will largely depend on what you are already doing.

How Does This Natural Cholesterol Reducer Works?

This is a solution that reaches all the causes of heart disease, it seems. It helps various organs besides the arteries and veins, which are usually the only concern, thus ensuring the whole system is less prone to failures. It does not cure diseases in itself, but can be used as means of prevention and can lower the effects of other factors that lead to illness.

CholesLo has the advantages of more products in one formula as supplements for high cholesterol. It doesn’t simply deplete cholesterol, but improves how the organs managing it work. Through its action it restores the liver enzymes and the triglycerides will drop, too.

It has a balancing action overall, so these levels will never go so low that they will trigger other negative effects. As per the reports, people who used it for 8 weeks saw a cholesterol drop of close to 50%.

Do Doctors Recommend This Supplement As Solution To Reduce LDL Cholesterol Levels?

Due to the ingredients which are made from natural substances, this cholesterol reducer supplement is safer than all the drugs one can get at the pharmacy, especially knowing it doesn’t have any of the side effects.

The supplement was actually formulated by a doctor, so it benefits of medical expertise right from the start. Some doctors may recommend it, others may not be ware yet of its potential.

However, since it can be ordered freely and is a natural supplement, the product can be used by patients after they got the results of their blood tests. With the next tests, they will notice the difference, along with their doctors, as it’s happened repeated times.

Manufacturing Platform

The supplement is produced in the USA and the company ships both domestically and internationally. The facility in which it is manufactured is GMP and NSF certified, also being compliant with the FDA standards. In its creation, the company is not using any GMO ingredients.

What Makes CholesLo Better As Compare To Other Formula Or Drugs

First of all, this product is entirely natural and had its ingredients tested for purity. The formulation has a liver cleansing action, is safe and can be consumed daily as natural supplements to lower cholesterol.

Besides, it does not interact with other supplements or medications. What is even better about it is that it works during and after menopause, when the hormone levels face drastic changes.

Unlike similar medications for high cholesterol, this one has a synergistic action which is totally beneficial to the body. It addresses a number of causes of the issue and not just the symptoms. The effects are numerous and each is of great importance. For example, the lipid profile will be improved through its action.

How To Consume And What Is The Optimum Choleslo Dosage You Can Take

For best results, get the standard dosage: take 2 capsules with water, twice a day. You may want to combine it with a fat burner, since this is know to potentate the effect. Consume it for at least 6 weeks to experience consistent changes. Read the instructions carefully and completely before you proceed.

In each bottle there are 80 capsules which typically lasts within 30 days or 1 month. This may depend on your cholesterol levels when you start taking this supplement, and how quickly you want to or need to improve your lipid profile.

Does Choleslo Pills Really Works As Natural Cholesterol Reducer – What The Consumers Say

In general by referring to the official site, customers are pleased and even utterly surprised by the effects of this cholesterol reducer supplement. It seems it does not fail to show it effects, right within the suggested period of time. Naturally, some are worried about the side effects, but nothing serious has been reported in their reviews.

These rarely occur and when they do, they are strictly connected to the liver detoxifying process. As toxins are flushed out, the body may react through mild headache or GI upset, but this is temporary. In fact, this is something that would occur with any supplement that has a detox action on the liver.

Not every story is the same and it’s only realistic to expect that. In the end, the results will be up to one’s diet, among other factors. If your diet is too rich in fats, then the supplement can’t do as much and won’t lower your cholesterol levels considerably. Keep that in mind before you begin the treatment.


This natural cholesterol lowering herbal supplement that is being sold exclusively online from a company own by Dr. Sam Robbins has a great potential of reducing one’s high bad cholesterol levels, as proven by medical tests. It has helped consumers when a good diet was not enough to reduce bad cholesterol levels so therefore it’s capable of leading to some truly spectacular results that consumers have never seen before.

In overall, CholesLo – Natural Cholesterol Reducer Supplement contains key ingredients that regenerate the body’s own healing power – especially that of the liver, which has a crucial role in metabolizing fats. By giving a boost to several bodily processes, it makes it easier to get rid of the issue – all in such an easy and natural way.

What Is The Choleslo Price And Where You Can Buy This Supplement

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