Symptoms Associated With High Cholesterol

One of the major problems with high cholesterol is that you can find out about your abnormal cholesterol levels only through a blood test. It does not have any symptom that will let you know that your cholesterol levels are above normal. You need to go for regular medical check ups if you want to keep track of your cholesterol levels and stay healthy.

Coronary Heart Disease

However, high cholesterol levels have terrible consequences. One of the most common consequences is a coronary heart disease. Chest pain, the medical term for which is Angina, is the most common symptom of coronary heart diseases. It is a very painful condition that makes the patient feel as if something is pressed on to his or her chest, making breathing difficult. The primary sign of angina is chest pain but in advanced cases, the individual might feel this pain in other parts of the body, for example, the neck or the jaw. In very rare cases, the patient might not even suffer from chest pain and have such pain in other parts of the body.

Other symptoms of coronary heart disease include difficulty in breathing, nausea, sudden lightheadedness and excessive sweating. Thus, any kind of chest pain should be reported to a good doctor immediately. Avoid overlooking chest pain because in most cases, it is an indication of something as serious as coronary heart disease. It is generally advised that people suffering from coronary heart diseases do not consume very heavy meals or get hyper excited about anything because it can even be fatal. In fact, if you ever experience severe chest pain, you should immediately take rest and then go and see a doctor.


Another major problem caused by high cholesterol is arteriosclerosis. What happens here is that the artery gets clogged and blood cannot flow normally through it. in extreme cases, the blood flow stops and results in clotting of blood which results in a stroke. Stroke occurs when the blood clot makes the artery burst.

The worst thing about a stroke is that it can happen anytime and without a comprehensive warning. However, research has revealed that just prior to a stroke; the patient feels dizzy and has difficulty in understanding and talking. But once you have a stroke, chances are that it will result in partial or complete paralysis or loss of functioning of a particular part of the body.

Most of the heart diseases are caused by excessive levels of cholesterol. In fact, heart diseases are the cause of the maximum number of deaths in America,as in many other countries around the world. As many as 500,000 Americans die because of heart diseases every year and other huge numbers have a heart attack every year. Doctors, after much speculation and research, have discovered that high levels of cholesterol increases the chance of heart attacks or other heart problems in an individual.

How to have a healthy cholesterol level?

One of the most coveted things nowadays on the planet is a healthy cholesterol level! With more and more people falling prey to heart diseases every day, people are finally becoming more and more conscious about their cholesterol levels and are looking for ways in which they can reduce it. The lifestyle that we are used to nowadays in an urban set up does not allow us much time for leisure. This means that we have less and less time to look after ourselves. However, we must try our best to ensure that we lead a healthy life that will protect us from deadly heart diseases that claim millions of lives each year.

Eat Healthy: A healthy diet is a must for anyone who wants to avoid deadly diseases in later life. Do not live on junk food as it is extremely harmful. Even if you do not get time out for proper meals, get packed lunch from home that is healthy and tasty and the same time. Go for fiber rich sandwiches with lettuce, meat, tomatoes and filling. Keep a check on the amount of carbohydrates that you consume. Those who are into a lot of exercise are the ones who need to have a lot of carbohydrates. But if you are not into a lot of exercise, it is best to keep a check on the amount of carbohydrates that you consume because it gets converted to fat and then, finally, cholesterol.

Stay Healthy With Exercise: a great way to control your cholesterol levels is to exercise regularly. Proper exercise helps you make your heart muscles strong. This, in turn, enables better blood circulation and decreases the risks of a heart attack. In fact, if you are suffering from high cholesterol problems, exercise can help you reduce your cholesterol levels. And even for those who have not faced any problems with cholesterol till now, exercise is a great way to ensure that you do not suffer from the problems in later years.

Give up Smoking: High cholesterol levels mean that the arteries are blocked with plague. What smoke does is that it clogs the arteries further. Thus, it assists cholesterol in blocking your arteries and causing heart attacks or strokes. We all know that blockage of arteries can even be fatal, so why not give up on smoking?

Let Go Of Stress: Stress is another factor that can lead to an increase in your cholesterol levels. Try to remain free from tension and in case of stressful situations, resort to meditation.

If you take care of the things mentioned above, you will be able to decrease your cholesterol levels if they are already on a high. If not, you can follow the things mentioned above in order to prevent a high cholesterol situation that poses serious threats to your health.